Vartika Malviya Hali

Regional Director, Client and Solution, AMAP

Vartika started out as a quantitative researcher in 1998, but soon discovered her passion for qualitative research. After learning the ropes, she focused specifically on consumer-linked insight programs as well as consumer-need state segmentation and motivational segmentation exercises. Vartika has worked on projects in the FMCG and service categories for clients in Mumbai and Delhi whose target audiences are low income/rural adults, youth and children. Recently, she has embraced her entrepreneurial spirit in order to set up Firefly’s office in India, where she will train new team members in qualitative research methodologies.

Vartika holds a Master’s degree in Management Studies from Mumbai University.

Quick Facts:

  • Clients Vartika has worked with: Nestlé, Nokia, Reckitt Benckiser, Dabur, DTC and UDV
  • Has held  prior positions with Indica-Ipsos, Synovate, NFO,TNS India
  • A mother of two boys, she always has her hands full 
  • Paints in her free time