Be part of something exciting.

We are Firefly Millward Brown — a leading, global qualitative research agency. Firefly has brought together the best qualitative resources to create a new research model designed specifically for the needs of today’s global brands. In this media-driven, “always on” digital age, Firefly represents a unique offering — the creative attitude, edge and strategic savvy of a qualitative boutique…backed by the deep resources of an established, proven, global research powerhouse.

Working together.

Our goal is ambitious: we want to harness the best qualitative talent and thinking in the world to deliver sharper insights, communications and business strategies, for our roster of leading clients and brands. We’re passionate about providing insight, unveiling the elusive, and explaining the “why” behind consumer behavior, choice and preference – and applying what we learn to drive our client’s business forward.

Combine equal parts charisma, instinct and passion for our craft, and you begin to understand the Firefly consultant. Luminaries to be sure, each one is expert at seeing the world through consumer eyes — yet perfectly in tune with the 360º brand experience. We don’t merely question, we engage, challenge, and illuminate the path forward for our clients and their brands.

In very good company.

And while Firefly has 40 offices around the world, we are essentially a community of local boutiques. Regardless of where we are, we nurture an invigorating, positive environment by hiring highly talented people who share our ambition to excel at what they do - and want to have a great time doing it! We’re committed to retaining a small company feel and fostering a collaborative, open and supportive community spirit. Each of our offices complements the strengths of the next.

As a member of the Firefly global community, you will have access to a powerful and unique blend of people, experiences and expertise from which to draw inspiration. If leveraging consumer insights to help drive your client’s brands forward excites you, and if you want to work in an environment where there’s plenty of open space and open minds, please review our open positions and consider joining Firefly. We’d love to have you!